The Other Me

OtherMeFS Suzanne van Rooyen, December 2013. Treesa is a shy redhead who spends most of her time obsessing over a sci-fi TV show, including writing slash fanfic involving the male lead, Resa, and another guy of her own invention. When she meets Gabriel, who looks almost exactly like Resa, she falls for him – but she wishes she were the guy in her story and not the girl everyone else thinks she is. She wants to be with Gabriel, but she wants to do it as a boy.

In many ways, this is a classic coming-out story, except Treesa is coming out as a boy, not a lesbian.  Treesa is charming and the reader will root for her, but there isn’t really enough backstory for Treesa’s trans nature to seem rooted.  On the other hand, it feels fresh and new for the trans protagonist to have other issues on her mind besides gender.  The book is set in South Africa, and the local slang rings true, at least to this unfamiliar reader. The foreign setting and the fanfic element make this stand out above other problem novels. Recommended.

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