codaEmma Trevayne, May 2013. I loved this dystopian punk bisexual novel. ¬†Protagonist Anthem is a teenager who takes care of his twin siblings because his mom is dead and his dad’s pretty close. In their society, set in the fairly-near future in what used to be New York, the government controls the minds of the citizens using brainwashing music. They’ve managed to addict everyone to what they call tracking, and they’ve banned non-encoded music. Anthem is a vocalist for an underground band, and when the guitarist and founder dies of a tracking overdose, he’s pissed. And, of course, he plans to save the world, and then a revolution ensues with many quick reveals. It’s super-engrossing.

Anthem is bisexual without that ever being an issue. ¬†He’s in love with a girl, Haven, but he also had a relationship with his male bandmate Scope, and they still hook up on occasion. Sexuality doesn’t seem to be a divisive concept in this particular dystopia. Yay. I mean, boo for government-induced addiction, but still yay.

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  1. Loved this book! One of the best YA dystopian novel I’ve read.

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