Swans & Klons

Nora Olsen, May 2013.  A couple of centuries from now, men are obsolete and society is dominated by women. Rubric is sixteen and in training to become a Panna, or upper-middle-class career woman; she’s served by Klons, who aren’t human but look it; and she’s got a “schatzie” (girlfriend), Salmon Jo.  Everything is going well for Rubric until she stumbles across some evidence that Klons really are human, but are randomly separated at birth to become a servant class.  A bit of a revolution ensues as Rubric and Salmon Jo head for the Land of the Barbarous Ones (where there are Cretinous Men and, worse, pregnant women!) to save some Klons and have a romantic adventure.

The story is a little silly (but then, I feel that way about most science fiction) and resolves too quickly, but Olsen has an eye for detail.  I wanted to visit a Comfort Station and be served tea and toast, and to watch the reality show Who Shall Be My Schatzie? The gay content is front and center as there are no men, only lesbians, and no one even hints at a relationship with a man. The advantage of SF is that a world can be built in which lesbianism is the norm and there isn’t any painful coming-out process. Instead, Rubric and Salmon Jo are just people who happen to be in love. Yay.

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  1. I JUST saw this on NetGalley yesterday and requested it. *fingers crossed* I’ve been wanting to read something like this. It sounds a little cheesy.

    Instead, Rubric and Salmon Jo are just people who happen to be in love. Yay. that’s what I’m excited about. Yay indeed!

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