M.G. Higgins, July 2013. Brett is a sixteen-year-old football player with problems.  His mom is dead, and his little sister drives him crazy, and his hot girlfriend Jillia isn’t ready for sex.  Still, no problem Brett’s got is as bad as his secret crush on cute artist Zach. He doesn’t think he’s gay, as he still wants Jillia bad, but the crush is bad enough. To make matters worse, he and his football buddies are always bullying the gay kids, so whom is he supposed to ask for information?

This classic coming-out story rises above average due to an appealing secondary character: the bullied gay kid.  Nate isn’t just a cookie-cutter dork who runs away from the bad guys; he’s a smartass, and he won’t give up his orange backpack.  Most importantly, though, he’s willing to listen to Brett’s problems even though Brett has mistreated him quite a bit.  It didn’t really make any sense, though, for Nate to send his bi cousin over to talk to Brett in the middle of a softball game in front of all his friends.

A short, easy read. Recommended with reservations.

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