When Love Comes to Town

Tom Lennon, 1993 with March 2013 re-release. Irish teen Neil is a rugby player and successful with the girls, so he can’t possibly tell anyone he’s actually gay.  Instead, he puts up a good front to his friends but secretly visits a Dublin gay bar and crushes on a kid at school.  In this classic coming-out novel, which was much more common in 1993 than today, there is a happy ending for Neil as he figures out which friends and family members are truly worth having.

Making this book good instead of average is the cast of secondary characters. Neil’s sister and his female best friend are all too titillated by being friends with a real live gay dude, and it’s pretty cute. A couple of drag queens and twink types at the gay bar add humor and fun. The older man who is mildly obsessed with Neil is neither good nor evil – he stalks Neil a bit, but this ends up saving his life. Recommended with reservations.

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