Starting from Here

Lisa Jenn Bigelow, September 2012.  In Bigelow’s first novel, teenage Colby knows she’s gay but doesn’t want to tell her dad. Since her mom died, he’s been distant anyway, spending most of his time on the road (he’s a trucker).  But Colby is out at school and is even dating a girl…..until said girl dumps her for a BOY.

Luckily, she finds love on the side of the road – no, not like that. A stray dog named Mo adopts her, and at last Colby has someone to love. In the meantime, her fiendish BFF Van sets her up with cute lesbian writer Amelia, who’s still in the closet to her Christian parents. The two fight about who should come out when, but it’s really Colby’s fault, and she freaks out completely: dumps Amelia, quits school, stops answering the phone.

It all wraps up a little too neatly when Amelia takes Colby back, her dad decides to spend more time with her, and all her friends have open arms once again.  Still, it’s a lovely, quiet read for those who like realistic fiction and happy endings.

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