Love and Lies: Marisol’s Story

Ellen Wittlinger, July 2008. Readers of Wittlinger’s acclaimed Hard Love (1999) will rejoice in this new novel about Marisol, the touchy punk-rock lesbian with whom protagonist Gio fell in unrequited love. Love and Lies features a cast of gay characters including Birdie, Marisol’s flamboyant roommate; Lee, small-town baby dyke with a crush on Marisol; and Olivia, Marisol’s beautiful and talented writing teacher. As is typical of gaytopia novels, the action revolves around a romance rather than the coming-out process. In this case, our heroine falls for Olivia, who seems too good to be true; she showers Marisol with gifts and praises her writing, calling her “the star of my class.” It turns out, of course, that Olivia is not all that she seems. The main story is set against subplots involving Birdie’s neurotic boyfriend and a road trip to Provincetown. Great romance with depth and personalty.

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