The End: Five Queer Kids Save the World

Nora Olsen, 2010. Just what the title says: when a war breaks out in 2014, five queer teens find one another and conspire to save the planet. There’s a weird framing device where the war is actually caused by an evil demon, and the gay kids all discover they have a secret power, but really this is more a straight-up (ha) dystopia.  The gayness is handled nicely; you’d expect a group of queer kids to feature three or four boys with a token lesbian and maybe someone who likes drag, but instead we have lesbian Julia, lesbian femme Vikki, sort-of-FTM and sort-of-straight Marly, bi Ginger, and bi Scott.  And even with all that going on, gaiety isn’t the focus of the plot; it’s all about saving the world.  It’s a little complicated, but so is real life, and I liked this one more and more as I got deeper into it. Recommended.

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