A Really Nice Prom Mess

Brian Sloan, February 2008. I’m a sucker for books and movies that happen all in one night; Dazed and Confused and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist come to mind. Screenwriter Sloan’s first novel is in the same vein: high school kids party like there’s no tomorrow, which, you know, there isn’t, in the book at least. In A Really Nice Prom Mess, Cameron can’t go to prom with Shane, his closeted jock boyfriend, so they double with a pair of girls: their best friend Jane and smoking hot, falling-down-drunk Virginia. Cameron’s night gets progressively more bizarre as he meets porn stars and drug dealers; makes out with a stripper and his boyfriend’s date; breaks into a house; dances onstage; and in the end, befriends a cop who looks oddly familiar.

No one’s ever been to a prom like this; the story is intended as a farce, not a realistic night in the life of a high school senior. It’s tons of fun. Give it to your readers who enjoyed Fat Hoochie Prom Queen.

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