Reviewed by guest blogger Jill Maddox

Steve Berman, 2007. I don’t normally read horror stories, but after meeting Steve Berman at Dragon Con in 2009, I decided to give this book a try. I have always been sensitive to anything remotely paranormal or creepy. I had a hard time sleeping several nights. I pushed through the insomnia and terror and fell in love with the book and the ending. The truth that rings through out the book will soothe the souls of the readers., young and old alike.

After suffering a personal crisis, I opened the book and read it again, cover to cover in one day. The second time around I found the book to really be a romance wrapped in black eyeliner and dusty second hand clothing, sprinkled with gay romance and lonely ghosts.

A must read for anyone looking for something more substantial in the young adult literature market.

Reviewed by guest blogger Jill Maddox

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