The Way You Say My Name

Sara Bell, June 2009. This book contains the following:

  • a gunpoint confession
  • a nasty eulogy
  • a sassy old lady with a shotgun
  • a dead teenager who (a) writes a will and (b) in it, actually leaves someone a key to his safe-deposit box, which turns out to contain $42,000 in cash, which further turns out to be the reapings of the blackmail of those with whom he has gotten naked while underage
  • a school principal who pimps out teenage boys on the side
  • true love forever between white boys who call each other “sexy thang”
  • anal sex as a sign of commitment
  • “Answer me, damn it!”
  • a kid at the prom confessing to murder and then jumping off a balcony to his death
  • an unnecessary additional forty pages at the end to introduce a weird tacked-on subplot featuring Megan, the teenage fag hag, almost bleeding to death of a miscarriage and dumping her witless boyfriend from her hospital bed, and then becoming prom queen two weeks later
A mess, with stilted dialogue, unbelievable characters, and a plot that strains credulity about twenty times. Everyone is either good or evil.  This is the first book I’ve reviewed on this blog about which I can’t even think of one compliment. Not recommended (in case that wasn’t clear).
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