Timothy Carter, August 2009.  This hilarious farce tells the story of Stuart, a happily out teen in a small, Canadian, intensely Christian town. Stuart’s parents and peers don’t mind that he’s gay, but all hell breaks loose – sort of literally – when his little brother catches him “going one-player on the joystick” (the funniest of the numerous terms for masturbation that the book introduces).  His parents disown him, his friends ostracize him, and only the local priest has any sympathy.  Turns out that the cause of all this is an angel fallen from heaven because he’s dared to judge onanists harshly; his superpowers give him too much influence over the townspeople. But Stuart has long practiced the art of demon-summoning in order to find out the truth about everything (God doesn’t mind if you masturbate, for example, nor that you’re gay).  He, his makeout buddy Chester, the priest, and the demon set out to recapture their town from the fallen angel’s machinations.  Funny, fast-paced, and brief, this would be great for reluctant readers as well as anyone questioning whether Christianity today really represents what Jesus would have wanted.

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