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Drama Queers!

Frank Anthony Polito, May 2009. This sequel to 2008’s Band Fags! explores the same universe but with a different focus.  Jack Paterno, hero of the first book, has a falling-out with his Best Friend Brad Dayton at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Blue Boy

Rakesh Satyal, May 2009.  Satyal’s semi-autobiographical novel is narrated by Kiran, a soon-to-know-he’s-gay tween in the early nineties, taking us on a whirlwind tour of pop culture along the way.  If this sounds similar to what Band Fags! did for the … Continue reading

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Band Fags!

Frank Anthony Polito, May 2008. This largely autobiographical novel takes the reader through the high school years (and then some) of Jack Paterno, whose best friend is a Total Fag, in the words of his classmates.  Jack often questions his … Continue reading

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Nothing Pink

Mark Hardy, November 2008. In 1970s rural Virginia, Vincent knows he’s gay but can’t tell anyone, let alone his preacher father and even holier mother. He resorts to stealing gay porn, dreaming about Barry Manilow, and crushing out on his … Continue reading

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Icarus in Flight

Hayden Thorne, 2007. Upper-class Victorian England is the perfect setting for a gay romance; opportunities abound for secret assignations, literary allusions, and parlor bitchery. Hayden Thorne takes advantage of this quite well, and often with tongue in cheek, as she … Continue reading

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Josef Jaeger

Jere’ M. Fishback, April 2009. Protagonist Josef is 13 in 1933 when his mother dies and he’s sent to live with his uncle Ernst. Ernst is a semi-openly gay man, living with 20-year-old boy toy Rudy. Josef and Rudy become … Continue reading

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Love is the Higher Law

David Levithan, August 2009. “It’s starting to feel like I’m over at a friend’s house, which isn’t a bad thing for a seventh date, but is pretty discouraging for a first. But there’s no way I’m going to make a … Continue reading

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