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Boys of Summer

Steve Berman, ed., May 2012. This is another uneven collection of short stories from Bold Strokes, this one focusing on summer romances between young men. The standout story here is Alex Jeffers’s “Wheat, Barley, Lettuce, Fennel, Salt for Sorrow, Blood for … Continue reading

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Julie Smith, 2011.  I love a good boarding-school story, so I was all set to enjoy this one, set in Santa Barbara and Ojai and featuring a demon masquerading as a cat, a family curse, and time travel to ancient … Continue reading

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Truth & Dare: 20 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness

Liz Miles, ed., 2011. These twenty stories, written by some of YA’s shining lights, form one of the most consistently strong anthologies I’ve ever read in any genre. The best is probably Ellen Wittlinger’s “Rules for Love and Death,” about … Continue reading

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Speaking Out: Stories of Overcoming Adversity and Experiencing Life After ‘Coming Out’

Steve Berman, ed., September 2011. This volume of short stories (by multiple authors) includes both typical problem-novel-type coming-out stories and also empowerment stories.  It’s a mixed bag in that sense, and in terms of quality too, which you’d expect when … Continue reading

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The End: Five Queer Kids Save the World

Nora Olsen, 2010. Just what the title says: when a war breaks out in 2014, five queer teens find one another and conspire to save the planet. There’s a weird framing device where the war is actually caused by an … Continue reading

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Shadow Walkers

Brent Hartinger, 2011.  Zach might be gay – he thinks he probably is – but right now he has something more important on his mind.  His little brother is missing, and Zach’s the only one who can find him, with … Continue reading

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Malinda Lo, 2011.  Kaede and Taisin are students at the Academy of Sages, where they’ll learn to use powerful magic for the good of their people.  Taisin is talented and shy; Kaede has no natural ability as a sage, but … Continue reading

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The Cardturner: A Novel about a King, a Queen, and a Joker

Louis Sachar, 2010. I grew up with Sachar’s Wayside School stories, and while his award-winning Holes wasn’t really my thing, I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The Cardturner is more my speed – a coming-of-age story with a lot of esoteria around … Continue reading

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Love Drugged

James Klise, September 2010.  Jamie knows he’s gay, and part of him wants to embrace it, but when he sees all the homophobia happening in the world – and at his school – he doesn’t want to come out of … Continue reading

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The Frenzy

Francesca Lia Block, September 2010. I remember, as a teen, loving the spiky, poppy prose confection that was Weetzie Bat.  I reread it in library school for my YA lit class, and it stood the test of time.  So I … Continue reading

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