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Money Boy

Paul Yee, September 2011. Ray is a privileged Chinese-Canadian teen who struggles to hide his homosexuality from his family and friends. When his traditional, authoritarian dad checks his browser history and then throws him out of the house, Ray spends five days … Continue reading

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Charles Rice-González, October 2011.  Chulito is a small-time drug runner and high-school dropout with a secret: he’s crushing hard on Carlos.  Carlos and Chulito were childhood besties, but Carlos skipped two grades, stopped dressing and talking street, went off to … Continue reading

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Sue Isle, March 2011. Every time I get sick of the indie presses — thinking they just don’t attract quality authors and then don’t have the editorial skill to turn around the mediocre manuscripts they do get — a book … Continue reading

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Who I Am

M.L. Rice, April 2011. I should have known from that dead cat…but I didn’t. I really thought I was going to enjoy this realistic novel that, like K.E. Payne’s 365 Days, told a funny and sweet story about crushing on … Continue reading

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Brooklyn, Burning

Steve Brezenoff, September 2011. This book has gotten a lot of press for its main gimmick: the protagonist and her/his lover are not identified by gender. It’s intriguing that the book is written that way without being grammatically clumsy; this … Continue reading

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Vicious Little Darlings

Katherine Easer, May 2011. Psychotic besties – one of my favorite types of conflict!  In this rather melodramatic psychological thriller, Sarah starts her freshman year at Wetherly College and discovers that her beautiful roommate Maddy is obsessed with death.  Maddy’s … Continue reading

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Julie Smith, 2011.  I love a good boarding-school story, so I was all set to enjoy this one, set in Santa Barbara and Ojai and featuring a demon masquerading as a cat, a family curse, and time travel to ancient … Continue reading

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Truth & Dare: 20 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness

Liz Miles, ed., 2011. These twenty stories, written by some of YA’s shining lights, form one of the most consistently strong anthologies I’ve ever read in any genre. The best is probably Ellen Wittlinger’s “Rules for Love and Death,” about … Continue reading

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365 Days

K.E. Payne, 2011.  This hilarious novel consists of a series of daily diary entries by Clementine, an English teenager who’s funny in the style of Adrian Mole and Georgia Nicolson.  Why do the British do teen diaries so much better … Continue reading

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Amy Reed, 2011. I’m a sucker for a good teen rehab book (see also Last Night I Sang to the Monster), and this one delivers. It’s narrated by five addicts in alternating sections, and each teen’s first few lines say … Continue reading

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