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Steve Augarde, 2009.  Baz lives in the near future when the world has been seriously damaged by flooding, and he and his dad are starving.  Their only hope is that Baz will be chosen to go to a nearby island … Continue reading

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Into the Beautiful North

Luis Alberto Urrea, May 2009.  This delightful novel about a road trip that’s alternately painful, amazing, and eye-opening veers close to magical realism but never quite crosses that line.  The small Mexican town of Tres Camarones has lost most of … Continue reading

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Boy Midflight

Charlie David, 2009.  This first novel feels autobiographical, and while I can understand the urge to fictionalize one’s life and jazz it up somewhat, I think that urge should be resisted.  Boy Midflight illustrates why: most people’s lives simply aren’t … Continue reading

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Comfort Me

Reviewed by guest blogger Annie Gage Louis Flint Ceci, 2009.  An intriguing prologue hints at the secrets that are to be revealed in Comfort Me: A heterosexual couple argues in a car stopped on train tracks in tiny Croy, Oklahoma. The … Continue reading

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Dale Peck, 2009.  Sprout Bradford is a gay teenager with green hair, an alcoholic dad, and a trailer for a home, all smack in the middle of Kansas.  He’s fairly well accepted at school, maybe because he owns all his … Continue reading

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The Mariposa Club

Reviewed by guest blogger Jonathan Drescher Rigoberto González, April 2009.  Meet the Fierce Foursome – Maui, Trini, Isaac, and Liberace – the founding members of The Mariposa Club.  To memorialize their final year in high school, the boys set out … Continue reading

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Hidden Voices: The Orphan Musicians of Venice

Pat Lowery Collins, May 2009.  I read a lot of queer YA fiction, and I confess to growing weary of it sometimes; one can only read so many contemporary realistic gay teen novels, set in high schools and featuring closeted … Continue reading

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The Way You Say My Name

Sara Bell, June 2009. This book contains the following: a gunpoint confession a nasty eulogy a sassy old lady with a shotgun a dead teenager who (a) writes a will and (b) in it, actually leaves someone a key to … Continue reading

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Timothy Carter, August 2009.  This hilarious farce tells the story of Stuart, a happily out teen in a small, Canadian, intensely Christian town. Stuart’s parents and peers don’t mind that he’s gay, but all hell breaks loose – sort of … Continue reading

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Liza Ketchum, 2009.  Twelve-year-old Amelia has just arrived in San Francisco in 1851, and she’s the only girl her age in town.  There are startlingly few women, too – it’s more of a center for shipping and mining, and most … Continue reading

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